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Hannah Chapman – Entrepreneurial Wealth Coaching & Financial Advising

What Problem(s) Do You Solve? 

Clients come to me when they are tired of running a multi-six or seven-figure business, but still aren’t paying themselves consistently, and don’t feel like their personal wealth reflects the success they are experiencing in their business. They are also typically in the hamster wheel of not having enough for taxes, and not knowing how to plan for taxes proactively while funding their retirement accounts and paying themselves an abundant income. They want to feel confident in their financial decision-making and know that they are putting the right amounts of money into the right places for their business and their families. They want to continue to be visionary, and they want to build a business that changes the world while allowing their family and their employees to thrive at the same time.

I offer financial support for those entrepreneurs and CEOs in a way that they have never experienced before. I have spent 16 years in financial planning helping people create beautiful, data-driven, detailed financial plans that will help them get from where they are now financially to where they want to go….and in that time I also realized that money is incredibly emotional and clients had a lot of trouble actually implementing the financial advice given in that beautiful financial plan. Clients, especially visionary entrepreneurs, need coaching support through each step of creating and implementing a financial strategy for their business and their personal life.

I help my clients discover their dreams and goals, create a detailed, bespoke financial plan for their business income and personal wealth, create personalized investment recommendations and provide ongoing, fee-based investment support, and then continue to coach my clients on a monthly basis so that they can keep moving through new money blocks as they surface and make empowered and informed financial decisions over time. I also have a mastermind community launching soon called Expansive CEO that meets on a weekly basis to support purpose-driven, growth-minded CEOs and entrepreneurs.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

My special sauce starts with how deeply I love my clients and my work in the world. Layer on top of that my upbringing and early career in finance, which gave me unique challenges to learn through and overcome, resulting in decades of experience that have given me a unique set of skills. I’m able to help my clients recognize and heal highly emotional money traumas, while also helping them align both business and personal finances to create a financial plan that actually works for their business and life. It’s truly the combination of heart and head, of emotional and intellectual support to bring together how clients feel about money with the numerical, data-driven side so that they can make empowered and informed financial decisions in all areas of life.


Hannah Chapman is an Entrepreneurial Wealth Coach and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with over 16 years of experience in fiduciary financial planning, and the founder of both X² Wealth Planning and Expansive CEO Coaching & Consulting. She spent years untangling the conflicting money stories she grew up with as a child of entrepreneurs, where her upbringing taught her that money is hard to make and hard to hold onto…while also learning that it was up to her to create and sustain wealth for her family. As she moved through awareness and acceptance of her own money stories, turning them into fuel for expansion, Hannah realized that her visionary clients had those same money blocks keeping them from expanding their companies and growing their personal wealth and legacies.

She takes a unique approach to wealth coaching and financial advising for business owners, combining them from the start so that clients identify and transform their money stories while creating and implementing a bespoke financial plan that takes full account of both their business and personal finances. Hannah supports her clients through a full financial rebirth, and she continues to guide them through ongoing individual coaching, investment planning, and group coaching and support.  

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