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Insights from the Experts

A cornerstone of growing financial confidence is first building financial literacy.  From learning about what types of investment accounts are available, to what you should consider when saving for education, to what's important when looking at your estate plan, and what the tax consequences are of all those decisions! 

Financial literacy for women is especially needed as more women are in charge of their finances and starting businesses of their own. Read along with our experts as we aim to bring about a paradigm shift in how women view themselves and their ability to build wealth, for their own benefit and for those that they support.

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What is…a Roth IRA?

So we’ve got our apple carts all lined up, and now we’re looking at the Roth IRA apple cart. This cart is special, because it has tax benefits that you don’t get with the other carts (Traditional IRA, regular Brokerage account, even a Money Market account). You have to pay taxes before contributing to the Roth IRA, but when you follow the distribution rules laid out by the IRS the withdrawals are completely tax free later on!

Investing Retirement Funding Tax Planning What Is...?
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